This is the home for the finepix project - FujiFilm FinePix PC CAM/WebCam mode V4L (Video for Linux) driver.

[Image: JFIF/JPEG, 320x240 24-bit, 14494 bytes]
Carnaxide (near Lisbon, Portugal) view from my window
(Frame from FinePix F601 Zoom, PC CAM mode, Linux)


For developers only (alpha-quality) - only works in latest 2.5/2.6 Linux kernel.
Tested only with FinePix F601 Zoom and F401 Zoom digital cameras; other FinePix cameras might not work.
I can grab several frames from camera and display each one as an 320x240 24-bit JPEG image. I can also disconnect and re-connect camera and everything works as expected.

Done: USB protocol (also user-land tool using libusb and usbfs).
Developing: V4L2 interface under Linux 2.5.x/2.6.x.
To do: Patch/plug-in for xawtv to support MJPEG streams.


Development version: <soon>.
Stable version: <not available>.


Rui Saraiva <rmps at mail dot pt>

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